Power Tower EzProUsa

Power Tower EzProUsa

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【Durable Construction】The dipping station comes with a rectangular steel base, ...

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  • Strength Machines
  • Towers
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【Durable Construction】The dipping station comes with a rectangular steel base, which features a wide range of motion of 28.3 x 35 inches. The power tower is designed with two thick supports and an H-shaped structure, which increases the contact area and provides double stability. Pull-up Bar Station, Power Tower, Dip Station with 3D Backrest, Strength Training Rack Rack, Adjustable Height Dip Bar for Home Workout | Fitness Exercise Equipment.

【Free Adjustment】11 adjustable holes (74-91.7inch) in the dip rod support tube. Not only that, the handle also has 4 length adjustment positions. Set the mode you want to create your power tower.

【3D Adjustable Backrest】 The pull-up station features patented backrest adjustment, which can achieve up, down, front, and back adjustments. The front and rear adjustment adopts an automatic screw, and the upper and lower adjustment adopts a rotary nut. There is no need to completely unscrew the screw, which is quick and convenient.

【Four-Way Handle】 The pull-up bar station is different from other products. It features a four-way hand grip and can exercise different muscles by using the hand grip in different directions.

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