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Matrix Chin Dip Assist vs-s601


*Download Sell Sheet VS-S601Versa Chin / Dip AssistOur Versa Chin / Dip Assist station packs a remarkable range of functionality into a space-efficient footprint. Multi-position pull-up handles offer ..

Matrix Fitness Cardio Line Suspension Elliptical E1X


*Download E1x Sell SheetPerformance EllipticalWITH LED CONSOLEE-PS-LEDThe premium design of our durable Performance Elliptical offers a dynamic exercise experience. Patented suspension desig..

Matrix Fitness Pectoral Fly Ultra Series G7-S12


*Download Sell Sheet G7-S22Ultra Pec Fly / Rear DeltG7-S22Offer a powerful, comfortable way to strengthen major upper-body muscle groups with the Ultra Pec Fly / Rear Delt. Rotating grips provide smoo..

Matrix Fitness Stength Line Diverging Lat Pulldown Ultra Series G7-S33


*Download G7-S33 Sell SheetUltra Diverging Lat PulldownG7-S33For a smarter way to build and tone lats, the Ultra Diverging Lat Pulldown is as powerful as it is comfortable. Independent diverging movem..

Matrix Fitness Stength Line Diverging Seated Row Ultra Series G7-S34


*Download G7-S34 Sell SheetUltra Diverging Seated RowG7-S34For a complete, comfortable way to strengthen the muscles of the upper back and the lats, choose our powerful Ultra Diverging Seated Row. Ind..

Matrix Fitness Strength Line 10-Pair Dumbbell Rack Aura Series G3-FW91


*Download G3-FW91 Sell SheetAURA SERIES 10-PAIR DUMBBELL RACK G3-FW91FeaturesStorage space for ten pairs of dumbbells up to 100 lbsOffset angle prevents wrist strain when removing and replacing dumbbe..

Matrix Fitness Strength Line 10-Pair Dumbbell Rack G1 Series G1-FW159


*Download G1-FW159 Sell SheetG1 10-Pair Dumbbell RackFeatures | Benefits-Also available: 5-pair dumbbell rack, G1-FW158 (single tier not shown)-Storage space for 10-pairs of dumbbells-Individual cradl..

Matrix Fitness Strength Line 3-Stack Multi-Gym G1 Series G1-MG30


*Download G1-MG30 Sell SheetG1 3-Stack Multi-GymFeatures | Benefits-Three weight stacks allow multiple users to exercise simultaneously.-Stations include: multiple position chest / shoulder press, lat..

Matrix Fitness Strength Line 5-Stack Multi-Station G1 Series G1-MS50


*Download G1-MS50 Sell SheetG1 5-Stack Multi-StationFeatures | Benefits-Conveniently located adjustment points are clearly marked for ease of use.-Exercise motion is smooth and fluid, which is the typ..

Matrix Fitness Strength Line Abdominal Crunch Ultra Series G7-S51


*Download G7-S51 Sell Sheet-Powerful and intuitive, the design of our Ultra Abdominal Crunch offers a comfortable way to tone and build core muscles.-The sculpted back pads allow for full muscular..

Matrix Fitness Strength Line Back Extension G1 Series G1-FW162


*Download G1-FW162 Sell SheetG1 Back Extension BenchFeatures | Benefits-Bench is angled 45 degrees for easy entry and exit.-Twist locking pull-pin improves stability of pads...

Matrix Fitness Strength Line Barbell Rack G1 Series G1-FW160


*Download Sell Sheet G1-FW160Magnum Barbell RackMG-A98The Magnum Barbell Rack provides a stylish, space-saving storage solution for up to 10 barbells. It includes a max weight per shelf of 50 kg..

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