Luxury features, ultimate comfort, plenty of space and a wonderful tan too...The X10 is the star of our fabulous Luxura product line and is available in the attractive colours Crystal White, Pearl White and Arctic Blue. The design is undoubtedly stunning and eye-catching, but the most striking thing is that this beauty keeps all its promises!


Impressive tanning results are obtained every time with the Luxura X10 thanks to the 46 or 52 tanning tubes and features such as XL Light (2-metre tubes) and SLi+ (four special face tanners). The performance and efficiency of the tubes have been optimised. With IP Control, they are also energy saving and give maximum output during the full lamp life. The comfortable way in which these results are achieved during the tanning session stimulates all the senses of the sun worshipper. The eye-catching design with its sophisticated lighting, fragrant scents, perfect sound quality of your own choice of music, soothing ventilation for the body and face, refreshing mist spray, comfortable lying area, a user-friendly display and if required a voice to guide the user through the menu options - tanning has never been such a wellness experience!