As soon as they step inside, your customers will realise that you have made no concessions whatsoever in terms of results, quality and comfort. The uniqueness of this vertical tanning bed is, besides the top quality Luxura is known for, the fact that it offers effective SLi face tanners, the handy lift system, two roomsaving door panels and the luxurious spray system Qsens with 4 (!) nozzles. Sun worshippers can enjoy a perfect tanning session from head to toe in the V10 in the standing position thanks to the 50 tanning tubes. Special tubes ensure the pigmentation of the face, neck and décolleté. This vertical wonder is suitable for all your customers, no matter how tall or short they may be. A special floor lift brings each and every sun worshipper up to the perfect height for the face tanners, the handles and the handy operating panel.


Vertical tanning
Vertical tanning has more benefits both for the user (no white areas caused by pressure points, a more active tanning session and is appreciated for a more hygienic feeling) and for the operator (less space required, a good addition to the range), which many people would happily trade for the comfort of tanning in a lying position. With the V10, you get top quality in every detail, along with its wonderful design and spacious layout. Various different comfort features, including an innovative cooling system with four spray units over the length of the appliance, ensure an inspiring tanning session. In the colour Pearl White (with the variants Passion, Romance and Cool), the V10 simply attracts turnover...