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BHS 135

These equipments combine the Ultracavitation with LED LASER being twice as effective by the use of ultrasonic waves of crash plus the barium titanate tablets; as a result we get 40 watts effective watts of power. Sculpts the body and removes the fat cells NON INVASIVELY, SAFELY and EFFECTIVELY. Also combats cellulite, flaccidity, wrinkles, spots and varicose veins. 

Body Health developed 2 applicators for this therapy, the selection of which one you might use, it will depend on the previous evaluation made by the therapist over the adipose tissue of the patient. BHS 135 also has the Virtual Mesotherapy (VMT©) that combines electroporation and electrophoresis to secure the penetration of the active sustains with spectacular results, allowing depth absorption of the same.


• Black lighted keyboard.
• Graphic LCD screen of 1218x64.
• Applicators of allergenic polyvinyl acetate 
and surgical steel of high quality.