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Summer Glow

Sun into your own home, throughout the year, for het perfect tan that add extra magic to you enchanting smile. For everyone who loves the sun and wants to have that radiant look there's now Hapro Summer Glow. Always within hand's reach and ready for use at a moment's notice. Place it wherever you happen to be standing... or sitting. These compact facial tanners are very user-friendly and trendy because of the unique design and beautiful 'bright white' colour with oramge accents.

Hapro Summer Glow HB 175 has four 15 Watt tubes which results, in combination with the strip reflector system (SRS), in a smooth tanned face. In addition, Hapro Summer glow hB 404 has a 400 Watt HPA lamp and a parabolic reflector for maximum light efficiency. Let your fan glow and enjoy the sun in your home with Hapro Summer Glow!