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Multipolar cryogenic radiofrequency | Cavitation of high frequency 2.7 MHZ | VMT (Virtual Mesotherapy).

Freezes the aging process: Body Health's medical department has developed the cryo-frequency therapy, the ideal and unique therapy that achieves a lasting and instantaneous tensation effect. body Health has developed an innovative therapy, as shown in its name: the Cryo-Radiofrequency.

This therapy makes the BHS Cryo-Radiofrequency an unique equipment. This therapy delivers more energy than any other radiofrequency, but it must be controlled with cold temperatures. (-) 10 grades from the head to the dermis are introduced, the multipolar head increases the internal temperature highly which in turn produces a shock on the skin inside due to the external cold and the internal heat combination.

Thus a "Thermical Shock" is produced with an instant tensation of the skin. This shock has a detoxifying effect raising the oxigenation levels of the tissues as it dilates the blood vessels that irrigate the skin.