- You can purchase a gift card from our local stores of the following amounts: $25, $50, $100.

- When returning a product, we won't refund our customers any cash. The refund will be credited into a gift card that you can use any time and at any local store without any expiration date.


- We accept returns, only if:

 *the item's tag is still available.

 *it's still in the same great condition as it used to be when first sold.

 *item not broken.

 *items not damaged.

 *item's color didn't change.

 *size is the same as when first got sold.

- It would be much easier for you to return an item, if you're holding the original receipt.

- All returns are refunded as gift cards that you can use any time at any of our local stores in Lebanon with no expiration date.


- Clothes and shoes do not come with any warranty, however you can still report any factory problems that you notice in the product that you bought. You can only exchange the item due to factory problem after 1 month of buying the item.

- Machines & Treadmills are under warranty. Just Keep the receipt when purchasing the product from our store. 


Machines & Fitness equipments have spare parts that you can either buy or we can provide for free, just contact our local stores to verify if the part that you're looking is available.

Other products might also have their own spare parts that can be provided by the actual distributor or company located in Lebanon. 


If you have any questions about Warranty or Returns, simply contact any of our local stores in Lebanon.