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Leg Extension G3-S71


Self-adjusting tibia pad reduces the number of adjustments for greater ease of use. Seat and back pad angle increases comfort and encourages full quadriceps contraction without hamstring flexibility limitations. Standard range-of-motion adjustment for individual preference. Pivot location clearly marked to encourage correct alignment.


Round Tubing

In addition to being aesthetically distinctive, Matrix’s round tube construction provides unmatched strength and durability.

Frame Finish

Matrix offers a standard second clear powder coating for an automotive quality finish that’s highly resistant to chips and scratches.

Integrated Increment Weights

Our sliding increment weights are easily accessible from the exercise position and reduce clutter on the club floor.

Ergo Formâ„¢ Cushions

Our cushions ensure proper body alignment and support with a distinct and attractive look.

Bottle and Towel Holder

A simple, yet innovative feature that users appreciate (and which also prevents spills and clutter on the club floor).