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T80 Elegant


This new treadmill was built to withstand hours of use in a commercial setting. Its spacious, 55.9 x 152.4 cm/ 22" x 60" running surface and 3.0 hp AC motor provide a smooth, comfortable workout. The T80 Elegant console features a vibrant 10" full-color LCD screen that has 15 built-in programs and is compatible with the Passport™ media player (sold separately), giving users plenty of motivating exercise options.

Vibrant Full-color Display

The Elegant treadmill console features an advanced full-color LCD screen and 15 programs, including the acclaimed Sprint 8® workout and two Virtual Active™ videos. Easily control speed and elevation using the one-touch quick keys, and wirelessly monitor your heart rate using the included Polar® chest strap.

3.0 hp AC Digital Drive System

Unlike analog drive systems, our internally cooled continuous-duty 3.0 hp AC motor and matching digital drive system assure smooth, consistent power for a reliable workout every time.

Ultra Zone™ Cushioning System

Vision Fitness® treadmills use a variable cushioning system designed to give you the most cushion at the point of impact and added support in the back where it is needed the most.

Extra-Heavy Gauge Steel Frame

Our larger treadmills feature extra-heavy gauge steel welded frames. This extra-heavy frame construction creates a solid and stable walking or running platform. The heavier frame also ensures that the cushioning is provided through the deck and elastomers and not through the frame structure.

Sprint 8®: The Perfect Fitness Solution

The exclusive 20-minute Sprint 8® workout program has been medically proven to boost energy, reduce body fat and promote lean muscle mass through a natural release of exercise-induced growth hormone.

Convenient Accessory Storage

Multiple storage compartments provide ample space for water bottles, mobile phones, MP3 players and remote controls.

Contact Grips

All Vision Fitness® treadmills come standard with contact heart rate grips to accurately monitor your heart rate during your workout.